Thursday, September 07, 2006

Simple Past

Introducing... SIMPLE PAST

Check out our new line of fabrics complete with kits, patterns & bundles available in our store and online at


Shopgirl said...

okay! I've bookmarked it, filed it and am making a comment. You and I are going to learn this "blog" thing together. (Wasn't The Blog a Steve McQueen movie back in the 50's?) PS ~ the toiles and companions in your Simple Past line are gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

very techno-cool. love the new fabrics. from "former shop girl - now in AL.

Anonymous said...

THe Blog probably would have been a GREAT movie,especially with Steve McQueen in it but he actually starred in the movie "The Blob" .
My first blog, I guess I'm now a vetern. Love the new fabrics