Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2008 Little Quilts Christmas Party Staff Gift Exchange

The Little Quilts Staff Christmas parties are fantastic! In addition to great food (we've got some great cooks on our staff), we also do a gift exchange each year. This year we exchanged little quilt tops (how appropriate :-) ) The eagle appliqué quilt came from a Lori Smith pattern, "Fit to Frame: Set Ten":

The quilt on the right is from another Lori Smith pattern "Oh My Stars!"; just pick four print fat quarters plus one background fat quarter to make the quilt top, a pieced back and the binding:

The quilt on the left incorporates some of the Posey Packet patterns, available in the shop and online:

We love the variety in all the quilts that were exchanged:

These were made from Jo Morton Club patterns:

Some of the Christmas exchange quilt tops are original patterns: