Sunday, March 15, 2009

Feedsack Bow Tie Swap **Party**

We celebrated our Bow Tie Block Swap party on Saturday. Check out the cute quilts we ended up with! Patterns are available for all the settings. This rainbow quilt with a strippy border (44" x 50") was made by Muriel Pfaff:

This Bow Tie Snowballs (46" x 58") was also made by Muriel using 48 Bow Tie blocks:

Mary Ellen von Holt used 32 Bow Tie blocks on-point to make this 45" x 53" quilt:

This little baby quilt, using only 20 Bow Tie blocks and a few scraps in the corners, was made by our block swap leader, Kathy Niemann:

This medallion setting (50" x 62"), made by Linda Wirtz, uses 48 Bow Tie blocks and a scrappy border:

This quilt (63" x 69"), called "Xs and Os", was the largest quilt shown at the party; it uses 72 Bow Tie blocks and was made by Janice Kuhns:

Patterns for all the settings are available at the shop.