Thursday, August 06, 2009

Beautiful Reproduction Kits - new -

It's not too late to order the kit for this beautiful Alliance for American Quilts Kit by Moda. All fabrics in the kit are reproduced from a circa 1830 - 1840 nine-patch chintz quilt from Pennsylvania and come pre-cut in strips and packed in a beautiful collectible box! Finished size of the quilt is 92" x 92". Part of the proceeds from the kit sales will go to benefit The Alliance for American Quilts. So come by before August 25th to pre-order your kit for $124.95; after that the price goes up to $149.95.

During the Civil War, southern women, especially in the rural Confederacy, lived with shortages and substitutions. Imagine having to make do with hoops fashioned of hickory splints, needles made of locust thorns or thread raveled out of rags. Or, how about your morning coffee made from parched corn or okra seeds? Hats styled from palmetto fronds were proudly worn to support the secession.

The fabrics in the Civil War Homefront kit serve as reminders of those old make-do times -- plaids for the home-dyed homespuns, and calico prints that a blockade runner might have brought. The quilt is designed by Barbara Brackman for Moda. Don't miss the opportunity to make one of these inspirational quilts for yourself! We're taking pre-orders for the kits until October 1st at a special price of $100 (regular price is $120). The pattern for the quilt will be appearing in the December/January issue of Quilters' Newletter magazine; a copy of the magazine will be included with each kit!

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