Friday, October 02, 2009

And the winner is...............

Results of the Giveaway are in!

Sue Cahill has won the bundle of Little Quilts Shirtings. It was fun to hear from everyone and it appears that the LogCabin block got the most votes. The Nine Patch also did well and Sunbonnet Sue and the Ohio Star tied for 3rd!

Country Cabin Quilt
25 in x 25 in

My personal favorite is the Log Cabin as there are sooo many settings you can use and it's great for using up scraps from your stash. I like to cut 1 1/2" strips and 1 1/4" strips from fabric left on the cutting table and store each size in a cute basket. Then when I am looking for something to sew, I'll sew a few blocks with the 1 1/2" strips and a 3 1/2" center square, with 3 rounds around the center. This is my favorite size for throw or bed size quilts. I use the 1 1/4" size strips and 1 1/4" centers for table runners or table topper quilts like the one shown on the cover of Little Quilts All Through the House.

Check back soon... you never know when I'll wake up ready to give away more free stuff!
Happy Quilting,
Mary Ellen


Susan Cahill said...

Oh my, I am such a lucky and thankful girl. You have made my day and I couldn't be more excited.

Thanks, thanks, thanks.


Rae Ann said...

I am new to blogging and just found your site. I love your blog! I love little quilts fabric! I loved your quilts as well! I have now become one of your followers. Keep up the good work!
Rae Ann

Quilt Enthusiast said...

Just checking in to see who won. Congrats to
Susan Cahill.
And Mary Ellen, I will have to start a couple of baskets
of 1-1/2 strips and 1-1/4 strips. Sounds like
something I can add to my morning routine. Always
like to get a little quilting in first thing in morning.
Have a great weekend all.

Kathie said...

I made that little log cabin years ago when I bought this book. I made a lot of quilts from this book and is still to this day one of my favorite books
I love seeing how you all display your little quilts thru out your home in your books
sure wish you would do another book and show us how your decorating with your quilts today and hooked rugs