Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas News... End of the Year Sale... Give Away?

I hope you've all recovered from the holidays!  I know I enjoyed this season and one of my favorite parts was welcoming my new niece (Mary Ellen's 1st grand-DAUGHTER!)

Layla Arden was born December 16th.  Here she is with her daddy (Chris), Mary Ellen's son, and her proud Aunt Laura (Mary ellen's Daughter.)  I am THRILLED to have girl projects to work on for her!  After 7 years of boy stuff, I am in heaven drowning in spink in my sewing room!!

Right now we're having our end of the year sale... almost everything int he store is 25% off!  We've got to make room for some great new things arriving in 2010!  Use this time to finish up some projects you've had sitting around and to organize your sewing rooms to make room for NEW projects!

And speaking of new things for 2010... on of my favorite fabrics to work with are the Amy Butler and Michael Miller prints!  They are so fun, colorful and versatile!  I am working on a laptop case from an Amy Butler pattern we have at the store.  (Don't worry, I'll post pictures when it's done!)  For all you Amy Butler fans... we're givine away a bundle of 6 fat quarers of an assortment of Amy Butler and Michael Miller fabrics.  All you have to do to enter to win is post a comment to this post telling us what your favorite color combinations are to work with.  I personally love blues!  I also think pinks and greens work so well together!

Good Luck!
The deadline to enter is Wednesday at 5pm...
International Winners will pay shipping ~ Anonymous comments not eligible


Sharon said...

Oh the first one never wins but what the heck. She is adorable! Congratulations! And I have to agree my new grandbaby girl is 9months old but I have had 2 boys prior and it is so much fun doing some things for girls instead....yeah! Seriously this is a generous offer and I would love to win and wait until you find out how much Amy Butler can be used as your little one starts getting bigger her designs are amazing. Since I have had my granddaughter I can tell you that the pink and green have been the best in my eyes....thanks again and Happy New Year!

Sharon G

Anonymous said...

After three grandsons, I was sooo excited about my first and only granddaughter, plus she was named after me. So I know how you feel, Mary Ellen. Congratulations!!! I guess I can say any bright colors always catch my eye. Golds, blues and creams always jump out at me. Wishing everyone a safe and Happy New Year.

Lorraine said...

Welcome Layla! ....and she shares my birthday!.....I have four grandsons and 14 months ago my first grand daughter was I am with you...after all the "boy stuff" it was nice to make some girly things!.....I love working with pink and green.....but lately have been working a lot with red and white...and have been loving the contrast......Happy new year.....!

Lynn S said...

Wee ones are wonderful!! So precious!
My favorite combination is red and white. Love working redwork embroidery into the theme too! have a wonderful 2010!

LuAnn said...

My favorite color combination is red,green,yellow with
a white/tan swirl combination. I am doing a the Little
Quilts, Home Coming Wreath quilt with a Japanese
background fabric. I love it. I like to do things that
are traditional and add a little suprise. Thanks for asking.

Pam said...

What a sweet baby! Congrats, Mary Ellen! I love pink and green -- and pink and brown right now. And I love turquoise and brown, too! Very 70's!

Pam K

kimland said...

lucky you... a little girl to sew for. I have grandsons (so far) Hmmm... Do I have to choose just one combination? I like so many. I love all brights and the richness of fall colors. Red & Whites are classic and never go out of style.

Ida13 said...

Congratulation. She is sweet!
I like green-yellow-blue, red-white, pink-light green-purple combinations, but these are not the only three....:):)

Sheila said...

Welcome to the cutie... a new quilter for sure!

I tend to make a lot of blue & yellow quilts, but I'm not sure why. I'm in love with red & anything right now. Heck, I just love fabric

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the Grandbaby!

My favorite color combo is maroon/navy/forest green; but my new daughter-in-law loves purple, so lately I've found myself drawn to purples, and there are so many colors that go well with purple -- pinks (for a new granddaughter - wink-wink!) or yellows or even greens!

Sue Cahill said...

For me deep burgandy, forest green, navy blue and medium tan. I love the civil war repos and the "country" colors.

What a little doll ...I'm sure there are lots of lovely quilts in her future.

Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

Nancy Anne said...

I love to work with browns and pinks or blues and creams. Either combination does it for me!

Becky said...

Congratulations on a girl grandbaby! I love working with blue and green.

Jeanne said...

Congrats on the new granddaughter! She is adorable. I love blues and cheddars, pinks and browns, blues and browns and anything patriotic.

bonni said...

Yaay! Another girl in the world! My daughter is expecting a girl in March...our first grandchild...but we're so young???! I'm trying to decide on a quilt for her.
My favorite fabric combinations are red, off-white and black or blue & yellow, or red, white and blue, or burgundy, cream and green....on & on. I like quilts!