Monday, January 17, 2011

Sweet Sixteen Block of the Month Starts Soon!

I would be the worst "blog Mama" in the world, if I did not share this picture with you in time for you to sign up for the "Sweet Sixteen Block of the Month".  The fabric choices are so clever and stunning you have got to get the kit.  No decisions to make, just sewing bliss.  Here is a photo of the first block that Kathie W. has sewn.  She will be making the quilt.  She sewed the 12 Days of Christmas applique block of the month too so review those and you know you are in for a smooth ride. Oh my gosh, what talent!  Go to for more details.

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pirate said...

oops! the link to your website has a typo! A very small one but still ... :-)

easy enough to fix. :-)