Saturday, June 11, 2011

Blue Star Service Quilts - Panels Available

Blue star service quilts were introduced in WWI as a symbol of a child in the service and the tradition continues today! One of our staff members, Amanda, stitched two of these panels to honor her father-in-law who served in the Army and her husband who served in the Navy. They were both 19 years old in these pictures!   Karen, another staff member, stitched the panels in honor of her son Timothy who is serving in Afghanistan. Customer, Sue, made in honor of her son, Tyler, who is an Air Force pilot also serving in Afghanistan. Sue’s quilt is actually a “button” quilt which will allow her to change out the center panel and hang other seasonal panels making this a quilt for all seasons, but not until Tyler returns home safely!
If you’d like to make a blue star quilt, stop by the shop and pick up a panel which features the stars and the text for all the branches of service and we’ll give you a free “Light in the Window” pattern to make wall hangings like Karen’s. What a great way to honor loved ones serving on active military duty!

By Amanda
Karen's Quilts - pattern available
Sue's Creative Quilts

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