Sunday, July 14, 2013

Desert Island Quilting Part 2

When you forgot your square ruler, whatcha gonna do?   Mary Ellen trimmed 6 1/2" and 9 1/2" squares with graph paper drawn to size!
Better that slicing and dicing a magazine?! 
" My son Chris, (aka Bubba- age 42) suggested I try the cutting board provided in the house we rented! It worked great... A lesson learned . If not near a quilt shop! Purchase from anywhere!
Mary Ellen doesn't know how to EQ-she resorted to graph paper - the old fashioned way to come up with a layout for 25 blocks to honor 25 years for Judie Rothermel designing fabrics for Marcus Bros.
Slowly they are getting seen into units.  Check out the photo closely.  You will see why "slowly".  She is distracted by her reading material (HAHA)and playing with trucks.


voila! It's a top- needs borders and quilting. Desert island quilting...without the necessities...found an iron in the home Mary Ellen rented after half way through the sewing! Remember...a quilter's gotta matter what! ....had 3" (those were trimmed)....6 1/2" & 9 1/2" (not trimmed)....all done with Lemoyne Star Rapid Fire ruler by Studio 180 designs / Deb Tucker- she's a genius!

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