Thursday, June 19, 2014

Patchwork of the Crosses

June Fabric Packs are now available for pick-up in the shop.  If you're receiving them by mail, they were sent out June 17 and you should have them shortly.
These are the fabrics I used for today's block.

My block turned out like this:

This is one of my favorite blocks.  It will require a little expertise with fussy cutting!  It's actually a little difficult to see the individual honeycomb units, so look carefully!   You will notice the center cross honeycombs are cut from the center of the brown stripe.  Four of the outer brown honeycombs were cut with the center of the acrylic template on the line between the brown stripe and the right tan stripe. The other four were cut with the template on the line between the brown stripe and the left tan stripe.  I love the way this block looks so totally different from the previous blocks we've done!  Save the leftovers - we'll be making more blocks from all these fabrics.

If you're reading this for the first time, click here to get to the beginning of our Patchwork of the Crosses Blog Along.

Click here to check out information on fussy cutting with Inklingo.  Inklingo is a quick and accurate way to print honeycomb shapes right onto your fabric with an Inkjet printer.

Click here to go to our website if you need additional honeycomb papers, glue refills, or other supplies.

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