Thursday, November 06, 2014

Patchwork of the Crosses

Traveling to Houston also allowed me a little extra time to catch up on reading and I was finally able to finish the third book in the Lucy Boston series of books for children, "The River of Green Knowe." 
In the book, Lucy Boston's thrilling and chilling tales of Green Knowe, a haunted manor deep in an overgrown garden in the English countryside continue, and the children of Green Knowe--both alive and ghostly--are back.

In this story, Tolly and his grandmother are away (presumably in Cornwall) - I must say, I missed them!  Two women, archaeologist Dr. Maud Biggin, and her friend, Miss Bun, have rented the house for the summer and ask three children to stay. When Ida, niece of Dr. Maud, and two "displaced" refugee children, Ping and Oskar arrive, strange and wonderful things begin to happen from the first day of this fantastical holiday of pure adventure. 
Of course, the story is about The Great Ouse River that flows past the Manor at Heminford Grey with lots of islands and tributaries to explore.
The children find an old canoe and begin to explore the river and canals round Green Knowe, both during the day and at night, even maneuvering through the many locks along the river.
The magic of Green Knowe is much more fantasy-based in this book, but mingles with real life - the children meet swans, hermits and giants, winged horses, and witness a Bronze Age moon ceremony.  The subtext of homeless children being protected and healed by the house and its enchatments is particularly strong and I loved that part of the story.
No matter what your age you will enjoy this book - with a magic touch, Lucy Boston weaves a spell that will have you wishing you could join the children on their river journeys.  It’s a fun, beautifully written story, very different from the first two books, but equally clever where the everyday becomes magical and the magical becomes believable.  A great read for those with an imagination and an adventourous spirit!  Pencil drawn illustrations by Lucy Boston’s son Peter make the book come to life.
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