Thursday, May 07, 2015

Patchwork of the Crosses

A Modern-Day Fairy Tale                                
     Once upon a time, way back when I first started the Patchwork of the Crosses blog, a lady and her two friends decided to visit Little Quilts.  The lady was very charming and from a country far, far away - England, to be exact (her accent gave her away!).  Her name was Sarah.  Sarah had traveled to Canada to visit friends and they were on a trip down the East Coast of the US visiting lots and lots of quilt shops all along the way.  When they arrived at Little Quilts I couldn't resist asking Sarah if she had heard of Lucy Boston or the Patchwork of the Crosses quilt.  You would not believe my surprise when she told me she was a personal friend of Diana Boston (Lucy's daughter-in-law) and she lived three miles from the Manor House!  It was decided we would be friends forever and email each other with Sarah promising to occasionally send pictures of the Hemingsford Gray gardens and the town where Lucy lived.   
     I was so excited!  I couldn't wait to email my new friend!  Alas, I misplaced her email address. Surely, I thought, she still has my address and she will email me.  I waited and waited, but no message from Sarah.  I was afraid she had lost my address, too.  I was so disappointed to think I had no way to contact my new friend.
     But don't despair, dear readers... this fairy tale has a happy ending!  As it goes, I went to Paducah, KY, with Mary Ellen to help 'man our booth' at the world famous AQS Quilt Show.  We worked very hard to be sure our booth was set up in time for the show.  When the doors finally opened, our booth was swamped with customers.  Can you imagine my surprise when someone tapped my shoulder and there was Sarah!  Her mother had passed away shortly after she returned home and dealing with that sad occasion had kept her from emailing me.  But there we were, two friends half-way around the world from each other reunited once again in only a years time!  What a happy day!
     Isn't that a "happily ever after" ending to a great story?  Sarah and I promised to email each other again and Sarah plans to send pictures which I'll share with you as I get them.  
Sarah and Muriel reunited at the Little Quilts booth, AQS Quilt show, Paducah, KY!

I hope you had fun working on your blocks while I was in Paducah for the show.  I'll have another block ready for you next week.

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Beth said...

Muriel ….. a great story … happy you reunited with Sarah!