Thursday, July 02, 2015

Patchwork of the Crosses

Are any of you having trouble with your stitches showing on the front of your work?  I may have a solution for you!
The easiest way to sew your honeycombs together is put them right sides together and do a whipstitch down the edge.  When doing the whipstitch, it's important to catch only one or two threads from each honeycomb...if you catch more than that, called taking too big a "bite", you will end up with threads showing on the front.  Sometimes you can "paint" over the thread on the front with a micron pen that matches your fabric and hide the thread, but I think I may have found a method of stitching that will alleviate the problem altogether!
Instead of doing a whipstitch, I've been holding the honeycombs together flat and running the needle across the seam allowance on both honeycombs, as shown above.  It doesn't seem to matter how large a stitch I take - no threads show up on the front.  For me, it's a little more awkward to hold the pieces flat, but it gets easier with practice and it's definitely worth trying if you can avoid stitches showing on the front!
Let me know how this technique works for you... I'm loving it!!

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Kathie Gore said...

I have been using this technique for several years and love it! Your stitches don't have to be so tiny and I feel more confident about their holding power! Thanks for your inspiration!