Saturday, July 21, 2018

Wool Stitchery Class for Fall in the Sue Spargo Style at Little Quilts lower level classroom

We have a few spaces left in the Fall 2018 monthly classes. Fran House will be starting a new series in August 2018. If you enjoy stitching on wool, cottons, and wovens, this is the class for you. It's an open format that you can work on your own stitchery/wool projects. Some current attendees expressed interest in working in the Crazy Quilt style

Fran is a great teacher....very sharing...and a wealth of information. Samples are above of a Crazy Patch 24" square table mat, a suggested size for a beginning project. If you live in the Marietta area, and are interested in this type of class, email: for more information. Class will meet August, Sept, Oct, Nov (not in December), Jan 2019.


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