Saturday, December 08, 2007

Tidings & Tales - New Kit, Panel, or FQ Bundles

Greetings, all. Now available at Little Quilts are fabrics from a line called Tidings & Tales:

This fabric line includes two different panels. One is for a child's fabric book (9.40 per panel, shown below right) and the other panel (below, left) can be used in a small storybook quilt called "Gram's Fairy Tales" (kit $54.95, panel alone $10.00, also 6 fat 1/4s for $15.95).

Here is the design for the storybook quilt, pattern included with kit purchase:

and a detail from the quilt panel (isn't the artwork wonderful?):

and here are two nicely-dressed frogs hastening off to ..... live happily ever after ....