Thursday, February 26, 2015

Patchwork of the Crosses

I did a guild program this month on  Lucy Boston, and Patchwork of the Crosses at one of the local guilds.  So much fun to see the enthusiasm for this type of piecing and especially for the excitement over the beautiful blocks.  As it turns out, several of the members are already addicted to POTC and had some of their blocks to share, too!
Of course, one of the things everybody loves the most about paper piecing is that it's so portable.  Our discussion soon turned to the sewing cases we carry our supplies in.
I have two favorites!
At Christmas time, the Little Quilts staff always does a project exchange.  Several years ago I was the lucky recipient of this sewing case made by Mary Ellen.  It's made with wool (something I don't sew with much), vintage fabric, old buttons and an antique quilt block so it's very special to me.
The inside lining is a vintage Little Quilts toile fabric - also very special, but the best part is all the little pockets.  The big pocket in the back is just the right size for one of the small cutting mats and I keep a small rotary cutter in one of the smaller pockets - both are perfect for cutting around the honeycomb acrylic templates.  The rest of the pockets hold the remainder of the supplies I use for English Paper Piecing:  pencils, markers, scissors, tweezers, needles, etc.  This is usually my "go to" traveling bag!  Call the shop (770-578-6727) to order the pattern for this Travel Case.
While at the guild meeting, one of the members shared her very clever sewing case with the group.
Over-sized eyeglass cases are so popular right now!  I received one a few months ago as a gift and have been using it for my sunglasses, but I think I just found a new use for it!
It turns out they are the perfect size for holding everything you need for paper piecing.  And they fit easily into your purse so they're very convenient to carry!  What a clever idea!  As you can see, my sunglasses have already been booted.
This is another of my favorite carry-alls.  I made it very easily from two fat quarters and a little ribbon.  Right now it's filled with another hexagon project.  Email me a picture of your favorite carrying case or a picture of one of your Lucy Boston blocks at and I'll send you the directions for this cute bag!
Collecting  sewing cases is almost as fun as stitching the blocks!
Check the pinterest board regularly for new blocks that are posted.
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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Revival of an Age-old Technique

We were so excited to have a very creative group of Rug Braiding teachers in our classroom today. They get together regularly to share ideas and plan new projects for their classes.  Of course our Rug Braiding instructor, Anne Caldwell (her back is to the picture), was part of the group!  We thought you might enjoy seeing some of the amazing things you can do with braiding.

 Both the hat and the shoes were totally braided.  The boots are just like something straight from L.L. Bean right down to the bottom soles and boot loops!
One of the instructors just finished this beautiful tote bag. Amazing how she created the design.
Our instructor, Anne, made this darling purse - it's currently on display at Little Quilts
Most rug braiding is done with wool, but this table mat was braided from a jelly roll of batiks.  We loved the picot braided edging used for the outer border of this mat.

Rug Braiding edging also looks fantastic on rug hooked projects.  The velvet braided frame on this wall hanging was made from an old velvet evening gown.  What a fantastic finish to an already great wall hanging!
These wool braided table runners are samples of what you can do in our rug braiding class.  The class teaches the braiding technique that is used for all the projects pictured.  Call the shop to find out more about our rug braiding classes - a revival of an age-old technique!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Patchwork of the Crosses

It's time to start Block 22... if you've been keeping up with the blocks you're over a third of the way through with the quilt!
I actually did two blocks this month.  You will recognize the blue stripe fabric from the January kit.  I had some of  the same striped fabric in my stash, but in the green colorway, and decided to make a block with it, too.   As you can see, the stripe in each block was cut a little bit differently to give each block a slightly different look.

The fabrics I used are pictured below.  You should have plenty of the blue stripe fabric left-over from the January kit...
The other two fabrics are in  the February kit...
Compare this block to last month's block using the same stripe and see how different the blocks look.
If you have any stripe left over, I hope you'll experiment with it and see what kind of interesting blocks you can design!
Keep up with blocks that others are making by checking out our Pinterest Board.
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Monday, February 16, 2015

Bringing Second Saturday Sampler Show and Tell to you.

I hate that y'all cannot get to LQ for the monthly Second Saturday Sampler is so special.  The project/blocks, you can buy on line. The customers bring a show and tell for "parking lot entertainment" while customers wait to attend the demo portion of the event. That is what you can't see. Here is the photo version.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Patchwork of the Crosses

Are you up for a challenge?  Mary Ellen found this "vintage" fabric in her stash and thought it would be perfect for Patchwork of the Crosses blocks, so she brought it in and challenged me to see what I could come up with.

From the selvage, it looks like this is a Judy Rothermel fabric most likely from her first Sturbridge Village line - not sure of that, but I can't wait to start making blocks with it!

Since I've been challenged, I'm hoping you'll be up for the fun, too.  Look in your stash...way back in the corners... and find a fabric you'd like to work with.  Stripes work well, but so do paisleys or floral prints.  Look for something in your favorite colors because you'll find the design process easier if you're using a palette you're used to.  Design an original block with your fabrics and send us a picture at  We'd like to share your designs with others so we can all get unique ideas for block designs.  I'll post the blocks I come up with in a few weeks!

Have fun designing!

Check our pinterest board  to get ideas for great fabrics to use or for ideas for designs.

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Thursday, February 05, 2015

Patchwork of the Crosses

This week we have another fun stripe to work with.  Stripes offer so many different opportunities!    

These are the fabrics I used:

Cut out pieces from several different sections of the stripe and just play with them to find a unique setting for your block.  Be sure to save some of the fabric though - we'll be using more of it again next month for another interesting block!

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Check the pinterest board to see a fabulous finished quilt (not from one of our customers, but it has an added border and is gorgeous)!

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Exquisite Small Applique Project

Jean finished this little pillow from a design in Yoko Saito’s “Bags” book.  So beautiful!

Monday, February 02, 2015

February 14th - Grand Finale - 2014 Second Saturday Sampler debut of 2015 first block

Have a look at all the finished quilts for Saturday Sampler 2014. The program ended in January and we are on our way to Saturday Sampler 2015, titled “Special Memories”. 
We will have our original Reproduction blocks and the alternates will be: Red and White, Batiks, and Neutrals. Join us for the fun beginning Sat. Feb. 14th from 9:30 – 11:00 at our classroom. No registration required.
 “ Star Celebration” Reproduction made by Wanda is 69” x 83”
  “Rhapsody in Blue”, the blue and white alternate made by Linda R. is 72” x 91”
 “The Patriotic”, Red, Gold and Blue alternate made by Linda W. is 82” x 87"
“Thoroughly Modern Muriel” by Muriel is 67” x 85”. 
                                            and the 6" blocks of the original