Sunday, January 29, 2012

Auction Quilt = You can win if you enter.

In Mary Ellen’s ‘spare time’ she’s been working on a quilt to be auctioned off at St Joseph Catholic School in Marietta, where her grandsons are in Kindergarten and 3rd grade. It all starts with an organized collection of fabrics shown here which includes school uniforms and other blue and gold fabrics in the school colors.

With the help of the rotary cutter, and the book “Turning Twenty Again”, she whipped out this quilt with 20 fat 1/4ths and school uniforms.

Two 16” pillows will be made with more of the leftovers. The theme for the auction this year is Mardi Gras “Beads & Jeans”. Always use the leftovers...from leftover strips 2 pillows were also made

You can buy tickets by clicking on this link.

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