Thursday, July 24, 2014

Patchwork of the Crosses

I’m ready for some of my blocks to start looking like a quilt.  Let's start adding sashing squares to connect the blocks.  If you have been diligent in attaching background honeycombs to your blocks, you should have several blocks ready to start stitching into rows.  For the sashing connectors you will need sashing fabric and the small 1” square paper pieces. 

Selecting fabric for the sashing can seem overwhelming.    We’re using so many different colors in the blocks it may seem like an impossible task to select a color that will go with everything, but I have purposely not selected a fabric to recommend because I want you to select a fabric that will make your quilt your own.  That may sound like a “chicken’s way out,” but as I learned many years ago from teacher and setting expert, Sharyn Craig, all colors work together – just look out at your flower garden if you don’t believe me

The color you select for the sashing will set the color tone for your finished quilt.  If you want to pull out the purple colors in the blocks and end up with a purple quilt, use a purple sashing fabric...or change the word purple to red…or blue…or gray.  The choice is yours and will make your finished quilt distinctly yours.  There is no right or wrong so don’t be afraid to make a decision – just select a tone-on-tone fabric you love in your favorite color! 

 Here is the fabric I selected to use in my quilt:

I purchased approximately 3 yds. of sashing fabric to make my quilt the size of the original Lucy Boston quilt.  For a smaller version, buy accordingly.  If you’re fussy cutting it’s impossible to calculate exactly how much you’ll need, so buy generously!

Sashing squares will be prepared the same way as the honeycombs. I am not doing any fussy cutting for the sashing so I simply cut the fabric into 1½” squares with the rotary cutter and glued them to the square paper pieces.  If you plan to fussy cut, use the 1” square acrylic template for placement when cutting.  
***Note:  If you measure the square acrylic template you will see that it measures
1 7/8” instead of the 1½” cutting measurement I used.  The template allows for a 3/8” seam allowance which I felt made the small squares too bulky so I chose to cut slightly smaller, but if you’re fussy cutting leave the seam allowance as it is on the template.

Once your square shapes are prepared, sew them to your blocks using the same technique you have been using to sew the honeycombs.  The squares are small so there is a lot less stitching and the blocks go together quickly.

Voila!  A good start to the first row!

I’m using the setting from the “Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses” book for my quilt, but there are other ways to set the blocks together.  I’ve posted just a few quilts using different settings on our pinterest page.  Click here to check them out. 

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