Thursday, June 18, 2015

Patchwork of the Crosses

I don't like to waste fabric (even the smallest amount!) and that was becoming a problem because the scraps from this project  mount up in a hurry!
 I'm using as much as possible of the "Swiss Cheese" I create!  First I cut off usable strips for a quilt-as-you-go project I'm working on...
Then I cut as many small squares as I can for my Baby Bow Tie project...
See my blog post from last October if you'd like a tutorial on my Bow Tie project.
Some of my small squares are also being used in this little Four-Patch project...
But, what to do with all the bits, pieces, threads, and selvages that are too small for even these projects? Well, I think you're going to like what I'm doing with the remaining bits!
I got the idea from my daughter who fosters dogs for a rescue group.  The dogs come to her with a little bit of food, but no beds, blankets, or toys.  I decided that all my crumbs of fabric and batting would make the perfect stuffing for dogs beds, so now I'm using not only my own scraps, but I'm actually collecting (!) scraps from all my friends and students to fill the mats/beds I'm donating to the rescue organization or to my local veterinarian!
I had this "brain storm" in March and so far I've donated five mats - these are number six and seven - and these will go to the shelter this week-end.  
This is absolutely a win-win solution for my fabric problem!  I have no more trash to throw out from my sewing room and I'm even using up a lot of my ugly fabrics to make the pillowcases.  In fact, I've found I don't even mind letting some bigger chunks of fabrics go because I feel like the pet beds are so appreciated and the fabric is not being wasted.  The best part is the pillowcases are even better made with heavier fabrics like corduroy, upholstery fabric, twill, and denim so I'm even able to clean out some of those fabrics from my attic that I've accumulated over the years - just make sure they're washable fabrics!
I make the beds different sizes.  It's obviously easier to make small beds which are good for smaller dogs and cats, but there are a lot of larger dogs that need beds, so I try to make some big enough for them, too!  If you can find out the size of the dog crates the rescue group uses, crate size mats are the best.
Pillowcases can be as simple as two fat quarters sewn together or they can be as fancy as an old UFO project you started and decided not to finish.  I try not to over-stuff them because most animals like to "nest".
I hope some of you will think about using your scraps in this way.  It's been a very rewarding project for me!

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Great projects.Love all your little one.