Thursday, August 13, 2015

Patchwork of the Crosses

Ta Da!!!!  One of our customers finished her Lucy Boston quilt...well, almost finished - she still has the outer edge to finish, but, so close.  I couldn't wait for you to see it! 
Libby decided she had enough blocks after she made forty-two, giving her a 6 x 7 set quilt.  The original Lucy Boston quilt has fifty-six blocks, a 7 x 8 set quilt.  What a stunning quilt!  
When you're ready to finish your quilt, you will need the finishing papers to finish off the edges. These are very odd shapes, but they will give you a straight edge when you finish.
There are three different shapes and you will need a package of each shape.  These are available on the Lucy Boston page of our website.
So, the next  big question to quilt this quilt!   Do any of you have suggestions or plans for how you're going to quilt your finished quilt?
Are any of you besides Libby this close to a finished quilt?  Send pictures of your progress - we want to brag about your quilts, too!
Now that you see how beautiful the finished quilt is, I'm sure you're inspired to work faster on yours! 
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