Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christmas at Little Quilts

Little Quilts is all decorated for Christmas. There are so many wonderful new patterns, kits, ornaments, and more.

Angels are flying all over the shop; they have the prettiest white beaded dresses ($26.95):

A wreath stand ($15.50) with berry wreath ($22.95):

These vintage-look tinsel ornaments ($3.00 regular, $4.50 wreaths, large tinsel trees $9.25) are the perfect addition to your primitive Christmas:

Large nutcrackers ($17.95):

Nutcracker ornaments ($3.95):

Advent box ($124.95), includes feather tree; each day's drawer contains a tiny ornament:

Itty Bitty Button Pictures, by All Through the Night; each fills a 4x6" frame (pattern $9.50):

All kinds of goodies, including woolen angels made by Mary Ellen ($9.00) and a pattern for small Christmas basket quilt and six tag ornaments, "a brown mutt christmas" ($10.25):

Whimsical woolen "Adornments" by All Through the Night pattern ($9.50):

Don't miss the new accessory carousels: Krafter's Purse ($24.95) with Karousel ($9.95) to spin it on:

and the tiny size ($15.50), "the tiny tote with spinning possibilities":