Tuesday, November 17, 2009

And the winner is......

Congratulations Pokey!  It was so fun to read about what inspires you all as quilters.

My inspiration is looking at antique quilts and trying to reproduce them with today's fabrics.  I started quilting in 1976 after I saw Jinny Beyer's Radiant Star Quilt.  There were no books and patterns on quiltmaking at that time so I learned from reading magazines and cutting out squares.  Now we have such a wealth of information from books, patterns, and quilt shows!  I'm happy to be a quilter now with all these resources, rather than back in 1976!

Keep Quilting!
Mary Ellen

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Rae Ann said...

Congratulations to Pokey! We are so blessed to have all the exciting things we do that help quilting be so enjoyable and fun.