Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Did someone ask what was happening at Little Quilts?

We have a lot going on...  Mary Ellen left this afternoon for a road trip to Chicago to celebrate a close family friend's wedding.  Did I mention she and my Dad took my 2 kids with her?  Did I mention that they are 7 (and 2/3rds) and 4 and a half?  Did i mention it's a 12 hour drive?  Did I mention that it was HER idea to take the kids?  Well, it WAS her idea!  So her and my Dad left today and will drive 2 days with my kids... the goal: to make it to Louisville tonight!  My boys were SO excited to spend a week with Nana and Grampy!  Me?  I'll be just fine here at home...  I'm looking forward to some peace and quiet for a few days before I fly out to Chicago be a bridesmaid!

Anyways, while Mom is gone, all the amazing ladies at Little Quilts will be holding down the fort!  T
hanks girls, Mom couldn't do it without you!  And there's a lot going on right now so let's get started!

This is just the cutest doll! Her name is Malinda Dalton and she’s a Civil War-Era Doll. As the story goes, Malinda was one of 11 children born in Virginia in 1835. The family fell on hard times so Malinda went to work as a maid for the Thomas family and eventually married one of the Thomas’ sons only to be separated from him until the Civil War ended. This little doll represents the younger Malinda, just as she was entering service at the Thomas household. The doll parts come on a panel that includes what you need to make the doll and the underwear. Separate panels are available for the everyday dress (including bonnet and apron), and the Sunday dress. Buy all three panels and get the yarn hair free!

Just here from Heartspun Quilts is this trunk show featuring quilts from some of their new patterns. The “Fab Four” pattern starts with four EASY blocks that you can use alone or combine to make totally different looking quilts. One of the quilts is made from a single layer cake. If you’re looking for simple and easy patterns that result in beautiful quilts, you need to check these out!

We’re enjoying the fabulous Threads That Bind trunk show! The “Seasonal Delivery” pattern includes the wool appliqué directions for all four of these beautifully framed 10” x 20” designs.

These are some of the new Threads That Bind punchneedle Embroidery patterns.

“Alphabet Song” is beautifully appliquéd with several different felted wool fabric scraps onto a black cotton backing and then framed. It’s a “must see”!

Use up a lot of your scraps of felted wool to make this penny rug from the pattern “Flower Bed”

Absolutely the cutest pumpkins of the season! The pattern “Pumpkin Farm” features five stuffed pumpkins that are a fast, fun, and easy project for fall. The pumpkin faces are created doing reverse appliqué. Great to make for your friends or to sell at a bazaar.

We've also had tons of great show n tell projects coming in so make sure you check back later this week to see what all of our amazing customers have been working on!  Oh and as I was typing this post Mom called... they made it just south of Louisville and the boys are having a blast!  Tomorrow they'll make the rest of the drive to Chicago... I can't wait to hear from the boys, they LOVE spending time with thier Nana & Grampy!

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