Friday, March 30, 2012

Hip To Be Square

Jeanette brought in a quilt top made by her grandmother that she is having us quilt. The little 1” squares were all hand-pieced and we found several of the tiny squares that were pieced together indicating the quilt maker was “making do” and not wasting any of the fabric she had. Jeanette is fairly certain the top was pieced in the 30’s, but some of the fabrics are older so her grandmother was definitely using her stash - now there’s a novel idea! What a treasure. Unlike many of the old quilts we see, this quilt top did not smell musty or dirty. In fact, it smelled so good we thought Jeanette must have freshly laundered it before she brought it in, but Jeanette said she has never washed it. Her secret? She wraps small bars of scented soaps in with her old tops (we recommend wrapping them in muslin so the soap does not come into direct contact with the quilt tops)!


barbara woods said...

that is neat i have two of my mother-in-laws that i am going to quilt to

Ondrea said...

NOw that is what I call a quilt! It looks like Trip Around the World. Such a lovely thing to have and cherish.