Saturday, February 21, 2015

Revival of an Age-old Technique

We were so excited to have a very creative group of Rug Braiding teachers in our classroom today. They get together regularly to share ideas and plan new projects for their classes.  Of course our Rug Braiding instructor, Anne Caldwell (her back is to the picture), was part of the group!  We thought you might enjoy seeing some of the amazing things you can do with braiding.

 Both the hat and the shoes were totally braided.  The boots are just like something straight from L.L. Bean right down to the bottom soles and boot loops!
One of the instructors just finished this beautiful tote bag. Amazing how she created the design.
Our instructor, Anne, made this darling purse - it's currently on display at Little Quilts
Most rug braiding is done with wool, but this table mat was braided from a jelly roll of batiks.  We loved the picot braided edging used for the outer border of this mat.

Rug Braiding edging also looks fantastic on rug hooked projects.  The velvet braided frame on this wall hanging was made from an old velvet evening gown.  What a fantastic finish to an already great wall hanging!
These wool braided table runners are samples of what you can do in our rug braiding class.  The class teaches the braiding technique that is used for all the projects pictured.  Call the shop to find out more about our rug braiding classes - a revival of an age-old technique!

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