Friday, October 30, 2015

Baltimore Album Design consult

These show and tell photos were taken in Wanda's Advanced Baltimore Album class.  Paula  brought her blocks for design help.  Only 4 more blocks left to make!  She's decided not to use the eagle block and the basket block on the far right - she felt they didn't fit in with the rest of her blocks that are wreaths.  She's thinking about framing those two blocks since she's not going to use them in this quilt.


Deb said...

I myself think that the block that has the vase would make a perfect block for the medallion of her wreath quilt. It would give the quilt some balance and another dimension, I would use all the wreaths and leave the horn of plenty and the eagle out for wall hangings, but that is a personal preference

Nana Diane said...

Lovely!!! Did you use a pattern. Or this jewel came from your heart? ?? If there is a pattern, would you be willing to sell and copy?