Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"What will she be when she grows up?"

Although Mary Ellen has retired and closed the Little Quilts retail store…it should be called semi-retirement. She’s been busy redoing her sewing room at home and her rug hooking studio; and has been available for area quilt guild programs. 

Thursday, February 25th she’ll be at the Cherokee Rose Quilt Guild at 7pm with the program “Color Plan your Quilts”. She’ll share how to make beautiful scrap quilts with the addition of ‘Magic Fabrics’.  She’ll bring a trunk show with many Little Quilts, plus LQ books and patterns will be available for sale. They’re also on the website at www.littlequilts.com 

See the link below with info about the guild. Note the name has been changed on the meeting place to the Ike Owens Community Center, formerly Hunter Park Community Center.

Send a comment with a tip on how you arranged your fabric in your sewing room, and we’ll randomly select one to receive  an autographed copy of “Little Memories” and a fat 1/4th of Roswell Mill, the latest of our designs for Henry Glass Fabrics. 

Follow the Henry Glass blog too at www.henryglassfabrics.com for great ideas and see the newest fabric line coming in August “Savannah Garden.".


MoeWest said...

I use clear plastic containers with lids (Rubbermaid and KIS brands mostly) to store my fabric, organized by colour and a few other categories (like Christmas, Halloween, etc). Fabric purchased for a specific quilt gets its own container so that it doesn't get used for something else. I have smaller containers for my scraps, also organized by colour. These all sit on shelves. This worked fine for me until some containers started getting full. I am now starting to make mini bolts by folding fabric on foam core boards cut to 10X14 inches. This size fits nicely in my cube shelf which has 12 cubbies. I have fat quarters in a CD shelf from Ikea that is about the height of a doorway and has 12 sections. I don't have to worry about light fading my fabric since my studio is in a basement room. If light was an issue, I would perhaps hang an opaque curtain on the front of my shelves or have doors on the shelves. I do love being able to see all my fabric now.

Janet said...

I arrange the fabric in my sewing room in clear plastic boxes on a 6 shelf bookcase (both Ikea) - those are large scraps/fat quarters in marked colors. overflow from those goes into the lingerie dresser (perfect sized drawers for FQ's), scraps are in the Ikea drawers that hold up my sewing table, batiks and solids in plastic bins in the closet and CW Repro fabric in bins by the door ... yardage in the linen closet in the hallway ... backing fabric in bins in the garage ... need a bigger house! Or at least a bigger sewing room!

Thanks for the opportunity ...

Diana said...

My fabric is arranged in plastic totes. Tey are on a book shelf in my sewing room closet. Same colors together and a tote for prints. Large pieces are folded and stacked on a shelf. Needs tobe revamped again but it is a start. Thanks for the giveaway.

Karen in Breezy Point said...

I also use bins for my fabrics. Most of them I separate by color, but since I don't have big collections of solids, hand dyes and batiks, I keep those in their own bins regardless of color.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a large stash (mostly fat quarters), but what I have is stored by color in clear plastic shoe boxes in two tall bookcases. The few pieces of yardage I have is in clear bags on the bottom shelf of one bookcase. I love scrappies and would love to win the book!

Kathryn said...

I use cubes I got at Target to sort my fabrics.

Cindy A. said...

Large cuts of fabric, i.e. one yard or more, are stored in 18 gal. totes by style or designer. Since I do a lot of applique my smaller pieces are stored in shoe box sized plastic containers. They are stored by style which means I have one box with just Christmas fabrics and one with just '30s prints because I tend to collect these the most for some reason. Other pieces are stored in colored plastic shoe boxes that I've picked up from Dollar Tree. My orange fabrics are in an orange box, red fabrics in a red box, green in a green box, etc. Until I can find a colored box they are stored in clear shoe box containers. I like the colored ones better though as it really makes it easy to find a particular color I need without going through boxes that might be mixed.

David Hunter said...

Keep on posting.


joanli said...

I don't have a large stash (mostly fat quarters), but what I have is stored by color in clear plastic shoe boxes in two tall bookcases. The few pieces of yardage I have is in clear bags on the bottom shelf of one bookcase. I love scrappies and would love to win the book!
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