Thursday, October 29, 2015

Patchwork of the Crosses

I was trying to do some reorganizing in my sewing room a few weeks ago and in the process I found some fabrics in my stash that I thought would make beautiful Lucy Boston blocks...
These were Jo Morton fabrics.  All the honeycombs for the center of the block came from the same gorgeous stripe.  The red corners came from a separate Jo Morton fabric.  When I was looking through my Jo Morton stash, I was amazed how many beautiful fabrics I have in my stash!
Another block... the fabric used for the center honeycombs was given to me by someone who thought it would make a great Lucy block.  I think they were right!
These fabrics were left over from the very first Lucy Boston block we featured on this blog. The fabric, designed by Judy Rothermel, continues to be one of my favorites.  I didn't want to leave any unused scraps of these gorgeous fabrics in my stash!
This is a block in progress.  When I was looking through my collection of finished blocks, I decided I wanted a little more purple and green in my blocks.
Unfortunately, my sewing room reorganization came to a halt once I found the fabrics and sat down to make the blocks!  I'm so excited about all my blocks.  I have a sizable number now and am beginning to visualize a finished quilt - it's getting there!

How are you coming with your blocks?  Are you using fabrics from your stash?  Send me pictures of stash blocks and I'll post them on our Pinterest Board.
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