Thursday, October 22, 2015

Patchwork of the Crosses

During my summer travels, I was able to read the last book in the Green Knowe series written by Lucy Boston.  
 This book, tells the story of Roger d'Aulneaux, a young boy part Saxon and part Norman, whose father was the original Norman settler who built the manor house of Green Knowe.  The house was built during a turbulent time in England's history shortly after the Norman invasion.  It was built not only for the comfort of the d'Aulneaux family, but also for the safety and security of nearby villagers in the case of  war.  As Roger's father explains, he doesn't expect peace, but he expects the strong, solidly built house to survive.  And, of course, it does - all the way to present time!

The details of building the house were fascinating from getting the stones to location, to the arrival of the stone masons who became friends with Roger, to the discussion of the most fashionable place to build the fireplace.
You'll also enjoy discovering the origin of the St. Michael statue!

During his boyhood adventures, Roger discovers two ancient throne-like stones.  As in the earlier books, Boston never bothers to explain what, exactly, Green Knowe’s magic is, but the stones are definitely magical because soon Roger is traveling forward - and a little bit backwards - in time. Imagine what it must have been like for Roger when he showed up in the 20th century and had to deal with the changes in the countryside, no moat to protect the property, and horseless carriages. And it was especially fun when he started meeting the children from the previous books!
If you've been reading these books while piecing your Lucy Boston blocks, I know you'll be as disappointed as me that this is the last book in the series. This was probably my favorite - it tied up a lot of "loose ends" for me! 
Have you been enjoying the books?  I was able to find all of them in our library system.   

I hope you're keeping up with your blocks.  We're more than halfway finished!  
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